Susanna Reid - Strictly Come Dancing

Susanna Reid is finally going to appear on BBC 1's Strictly Come Dancing show.  Strictly is incredibly popular and quite often draws in more viewers than the X-Factor!

We can't wait to see Susanna throw a few shapes on the dance floor and we promise to keep you up-to-date with all the latest strictly goss.  We also plan on posting photos and videos of Susanna Reid on Strictly Come Dancing so if you are a  Susanna fan like us, be sure to check back regularly to check out our latest news - cha cha for now :)


Susanna Reid Strictly News

Bless her, Susanna has already been reported to have said "I hope I don't embarass my children" in the media and just goes to show how seriously she is taking her dancing on Strictly.  Incredibly, Susanna plans on holding down her day job presenting the BBC's Breakfast News from Manchester most mornings and we think this will wear her out fast!

She has already said she will use her commuting time from her home in London to work in Manchester as extra training time, so don't be surprised if you see dancing on the train on your way to work.

We wish Susanna all the best with Strictly Come Dancing and can't wait to see her in action!